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Special Events

Special Events

Want to make your event EXTRAordinary?

Add helicopter flights and really set your event apart.

Corporate, Promotional or Helicopter Tour Events

Offering helicopter tour rides at your next event, festival, civic gathering, or community celebration can be the key to drawing new and increasing crowds and participation for your cause or event. Helicopters tours and helicopters themselves are unique and intriguing attractions that will increase traffic flow, interest, excitement, and potentially provide fundraising opportunities for your group, non-profit organization, or charitable pursuit.

Guests will never forget the opportunity you gave them to experience the thrills and lasting memories of a scenic helicopter tour. We can even build curiosity and interest at your event with the mere presence of our helicopter on display or a dramatic helicopter fly-in appearance by an honored guest.


Stimulate achievements and accomplishments throughout your organization with our helicopter tour gift certificates , incentives, and bonuses of helicopter tours or our other helicopter flight services and experiences.


Plan a helicopter "drop in" surprise, special delivery, grand entry or unexpected helicopter fly-in appearance of company executive, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or your special guest at your next group event.

Show your clients and valued customers the "complete picture" of your business, operation, or community resources from the bird’s eye perspective of our helicopters. Keep in mind that helicopters also have the unique advantage of being able to land at many off-airport locations; including your home, office complex, construction site, farm, golf course, parking areas, docks or any other practical and safe location available to you. So use your imagination to best employ our helicopters maximize your time and open new business opportunities.

Weddings, Proposals, Anniversaries, Birthdays

Would you like to make that special event even more memorable and unforgettable? Propose to that special someone while in flying our helicopter, or fly our helicopter over your ground-based message with a view that can’t be missed.

Create unforgettable memories of your anniversary, birthday, or other special event. Give the ultimate gift of helicopter flight with one of our gift certificates  for a unique helicopter tour experience for that special someone.

Gift Certificates


Are you looking for the most unforgettable yet affordable gift you can give to a business associate, client, friend, family member or even yourself? Well, with our gift certificates you will give the ticket to adventure and memories that will last a life time.

Gift certificates are available for your specified face value or for the exact purchase price of one of our tours. Gift certificate holders may apply the value of their certificate toward a credit on the purchase price of our helicopter tours or any of the other helicopter flight or aerial photography services offered by Leading Edge, LLC.


Turnkey Services


Our helicopter special event packages are customized to best accommodate your desires and purpose. We can safely conduct our off-airport helicopter flight operations from most large parking lots, fields, parks, docks or public gathering areas. We will provide a turnkey solution with our trained and experienced commercial pilots, insured helicopters, landing area security and ground support staff to operate self-sufficiently so you can conduct your event uninterrupted and enhanced by our helicopter rides.


We offer attractively priced helicopter service packages based on your event needs, helicopter flight times, set-up and operational costs.