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Schweizer 300c

Schweizer 300C: Overview

Around the world, wherever there's a need for an exceptional, light utility helicopter, you'll find the Schweizer Model 300C. Considered the world's most versatile piston-powered helicopter, the 300C is capable, dependable, and economical. Its heritage and credentials are extraordinary. The Model 269 Series helicopters, (including the piston-powered Model 300C and 300CBi and the turbine-powered 333) have been in series production since the mid-1960's. Nearly 3,000 269 Series helicopters have been produced.

The 300C is a proven performer. No other piston-powered helicopter has the 300C's unique combination of flight handling characteristics, payload capacity, range, and endurance. Powered by a Lycoming HIO-360-D1A 190 horsepower engine, the Model 300C delivers exceptional performance. It can carry 950 pounds of payload and cruise at 99mph. With an auxiliary fuel tank, the 300C has a range of 365 miles and endurance of 5.5 hours.

The 300C is the cost-effective answer for a wide range of applications. Its spacious cabin and 360 degree visibility make the 300C ideal for law enforcement and other airborne patrol requirements. Combine the 300C's outstanding flight stability and maneuverability with doors-off operation and you have the perfect aerial platform for photography and powerline inspection. And with its excellent load carrying capability, the 300C is a natural for agricultural spraying, cargo transport, and personal transportation.

Its outstanding maneuverability, responsive controls and cost-effective operation have made it the world's standard in the demanding military training environment. Twenty-five countries around the world have chosen 269 Series helicopters for military training. It has been proven successful in the harshest of climates and at extremes of temperature and altitude. The 300C's rugged design is legendary. Many Model 300C helicopters have operated for more than 20,000 flight hours.

The Model 300C's versatility is further multiplied with a wide range of available optional equipment. Optional equipment is available so the 300C can perform numerous and diverse roles including:

  • Cargo hook for lift work and agricultural roles
  • Instrument training package for IFR instruction
  • Infrared and searchlights for law enforcement patrol
  • Ag-kit for aerial application
  • Throttle governor for turbine-like flight operation
  • Cargo rack for cargo transport
  • Float kit for over-water operations

There is more to the 300C than versatility. There are thirty years of design evolution, innovative safety enhancements, and Schweizer Aircraft's uncompromising standards for quality, performance, and customer support.

Commitment To Safety
Above all else, the 300C is designed for operational safety. That philosophy is paramount at Schweizer and is the driving force behind the company's ongoing commitment to continuous product improvement. Proof of that commitment is evident in the logs of nearly 3,000 production helicopters ... logs that reflect millions of safe flight hours. It's also evident in lower insurance rates for owners, an important reflection of the Model 300C's outstanding safety record.

Key safety features inherent in the design of the Model 300C include:

  • Energy-absorbing fuselage structure and seats - reduces g-factors experienced by occupants in event of crash
  • Fuel tanks with break-free design placed outside the basic structure for increased protection from fire hazard
  • Three-bladed, fully articulated rotor system to eliminate the possibility of mast bumping
  • Strategic placement of the engine for a low center of gravity
  • Design that maintains cabin integrity and prevents rotor blade impingement.

Maximize Profits With Minimal Maintenance
The 300C is designed to maximize your profits by keeping operating costs low. Schweizer Aircraft stands behind new aircraft and spare parts with a warranty that is among the industry's best. The 300C is fuel-efficient and dependable in the toughest of applications. All components meet Schweizer's strict quality standards and are engineered for minimum maintenance. A remotely - mounted oil filter permits a 50-hour oil change schedule. Dual large oil coolers reduce operating temperatures, especially in warm climates. To reduce downtime, the engine, drive clutch, main and tail rotor transmissions and rotor systems are all independent units that are easily accessible and quickly replaced. And the one-piece upper pulley spline shaft permits bench top maintenance. The end result: reduced maintenance hours, more flight hours and higher profits.

Not only is the Model 300C cost-effective in terms of acquisition and direct operating cost; but historically, it has always held a high residual value. That makes the 300C a good investment.

It is true. The more you know, the better you'll like the Model 300C. It stands apart from all other piston helicopters in terms of performance, versatility, cost effectiveness and safety. Make the right choice.

Schweizer 300C: Technical Specifications

The Schweizer Model 300C helicopter is known the world over as the finest and most versatile piston engine helicopter. Through a program of continuous design evolution and innovation, the new Model 300C is now even better than ever.

The "new" Model 300C provides:

  • Superior performance for a broad range of roles
  • Unequaled maneuverability
  • Inherent flight stability and responsive handling characteristics
  • Excellent visibility and spacious cockpit
  • Low noise characteristics for quiet operation
  • Outstanding range and endurance
  • Designed-in crashworthiness features second to none
  • Proven safety record
  • Field replaceable components for easy maintenance
  • Lower insurance rates for owners and operators through the Schweizer Insurance Program

In addition, the Model 300C is supported by a Worldwide Service Center network. The Schweizer Model 300C-mission capable, effective, affordable-everything a helicopter should be. For more information and the name of the distributor near you, contact Schweizer Aircraft today.


VNE(Kias) Sea Level 95 knots 176 km/hr
Cruise Speed 86 knots 159 km/hr
Maximum Endurance 3.8 hrs 3.8 hrs
Hover Ceiling IGE 10800 ft 3292 m
Hover Ceiling OGE 8600 ft 2621 m

Height (overall) 8.72 ft 2.65 m
Length (overall) 30.83 ft 9.40 m
Fuselage length 22.19 ft 6.76 m
Landing gear tread width 6.54 ft 1.99 m

Empty weight 1100 lbs 499 kg
Gross weight 2050 lbs 930 kg
Useful load 950 lbs 431 kg

Power Plant 
Textron Lycoming H10-360 D1A
Maximum Take Off 190 shp 141 kw
Maximum Continuous 190 shp 141 kw

Rotor System
Main rotor diameter 26.83 ft 8.18 m
Main rotor disk area 565 sq ft 52.49 sq m
Main rotor RPM 471
Tail rotor diameter 4.25 ft 1.30 m

Standard capacity 32 gal 192 lbs 87 kg
Auxiliary capacity 32 gal 192 lbs 87 kg

Seating Capacity
Training 2
Utility 3

The Ultimate in Versatility 
The Model 300C has proven its value in many diverse applications around the world including:

  •  Law enforcement patrol
  •  Powerline/traffic patrol
  •  Personal transportation
  •  Military and civilian training
  •  Aerial application
  •  Fish and game spotting
  •  Aerial photography
  •  Cattle herding
  •  Lift operations