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Financing Options

At Leading Edge we try to be very up front about cost. We believe that it is beneficial to the student if they know the real costs in advance and are not surprised later.

Helicopter pilot training is an expensive undertaking and getting your financing can be tricky, but do not be discouraged, we will do everything we can to help. We don't require payment in full prior to your training. You can pay as you go or set up an account. However, we do strongly recommend that you have your finances secured before starting school. We work with several organizations to provide funding for students who qualify. Here are some avenues to consider:

• Sallie Mae Financial
• Sallie Mae Scholarships
• Pilot Finance, Inc.
• Utah Valley University
• VA Funding
• Alaska Advantage Program
• Helicopter Foundation International

Sallie Mae Financial --
The Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan is a great option for students. With the Smart Option Student Loan, students reduce their total loan cost by making affordable interest payments while they’re in school, saving students hundreds, even thousands. Please contact us for further information. 

Sallie Mae Scholarships --
Sallie Mae is the largest search engine for scholarships and has 3 million scholarships within the tool worth over 16 billion dollars.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) offers a loan to its members through its affiliated partner, MBNA America Bank. Repayment terms are up to five years. Loans may be used for any flight training expense including aircraft rental, instruction, books, supplies and so forth. For more information, go to or call MBNA Bank at (800) 882-8648.

Pilot Finance, Inc. --
Pilot Finance offers loans that are limited only by the borrower’s income, debt and credit record. The interest rate can be higher than what is offered by Sallie Mae, but Pilot Finance is occasionally more accommodating with loan requests. Several of our students have had good success with Pilot Finance and they are pretty quick with the paperwork. To apply online, go to, or call (800) 667-0201.

VA Funding --
Leading Edge is approved by the Veterans Administration. This allows veterans to use their VA benefits to pay for flight school. Leading Edge is approved for eligibility under chapters 30, 32, 1606, and Post 9-11. Veterans with benefits in chapters 30, 32, and 1606 may be eligible for reimbursement up to 60% of training funds after Private. Veterans with benefits under Post 9-11 may be eligible for up to $10,000 reimbursement of training funds per year after Private. To find out additional information on VA funding contact us.

Alaska Advantage Program --
The Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education offers the Alaska Supplement Education Loan. This program offers Alaska residents loans of $6,500 per certificate/rating starting after the Private Pilot License. If a student was approved for this loan for each certificate and rating in our professional pilot program post Private license (COM, IFR, CFI, CFII) this would be a potential total of up to $26,000.

Students may apply after they earn their Private Pilot’s License. Alaska Advantage Program Funds may be used for tuition/fees, room/board, books, supplies, miscellaneous related costs and allowance for transportation. The Alaska Supplement Education Loan is also available for pilots seeking their ATP certificate. Their website is or for specific loan comparison information or by phone (800) 441-2962

Helicopter Foundation International --
This organization offers a variety of scholarships for helicopter pilot and technician training, as well as pilot resources, mentoring programs, educational seminars, internships, and more. Visit their website at