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Golf Ball Drop - Ashley Campbell

Ashley Campbell's family and friends are raising money to help with the medical expenses of her double lung transplant. Please Help Us!

For those of you who don't know who I am, I am Ashley. I was born on February 8th of 1992. So I am currently 21 and I'm waiting for a Double Lung Transplant. When I was just two years old my parent's noticed many things wrong with me. My body wasn't digesting food like it should have been, and I was very sick with pneumonia. After many test doctor's had a prognoses, Cystic Fibrosis. On my second birthday, spent in Rainbow's babies and children's hospital, doctors told my parents I probably wouldn't live to see my 18th birthday. Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease inherrited if both parents have the recessesive gene somewhere in their blood line. It affects your lungs and your pancreas. It causes a massive amount of mucus to be produced in your lungs causing you to pretty much drown in it. If it's not brought up you get multiple infections in your lungs causing you to have long hospital stays for weeks to months. Your body also doesn't absorb nutrients and digest your food just like it should. Enzymes are needed to help your body absorb atleast a portion of the food you take in. July of 2007 at the age of 15 my right lung collapsed due to 'blubs' that had formed on my lung. Blubs are air pockets that form on the wall of your lung, and the simplest thing could cause them to pop making your lung collapse. I spent 3 months in the hospital and had 3 lung surgeries in hopes to get my lung to stay up because chest tubes just weren't doing the trick. Each surgery in an attempt to get my lung to stay up doctors would remove more and more portions of my lung due to blubs. I only have about 3/4 of my right lung. Doctors told me I had a chance of my right lung or my left to collapse again in the future and one day a double lung transplant would be needed due to my disease and the shape my lungs were in. I made it to be 18 before doctors came to the conclusion it was time to start the process. I needed new lungs. 

It took a year to fully complete the pre-work up testing and there was a meeting held with the transplant team at Cleveland Clinic to present my case. Luckily they accepted. November of 2011 I was listed on the transplant waiting list for a pair of new lungs. In June (2013) Cleveland clinic transplant team did test that they do every 2 months to test how my lungs are doing,. They informed me my lungs had gotten worse and I was down to 13% air movement in my lungs. My disease was progressing at a very rapid rate and they were worried about me. They needed to get me lungs asap before I become too sick for transplant. The very same day they removed me from the waiting list due to insufficiant funds. They continued to tell me I needed $8,000.00 for their jet to fly in and fly me out for my new lungs when they arrived. The reason I have to fly in is because the distance is too far and my travel time is too long. Lungs can only be out of the body for so long before they're no longer good. I wouldn't make it in time. 

5 weeks after my appointment with them I again became extremely sick. My carbon dioxide levels got too high and I almost died twice from respiratory arrest. Respiratory arrest is Lack of oxygen to the brain causing loss of consciousness. Brain injury is likely if respiratory arrest goes untreated for more than 3 minutes, and death is almost certain if left untreated for more than five minutes. I spent my summer in the hospital. I'm listed top priority for new lungs, but I'm in need of the $8k for my flight in. It's a must. I also have a 3 month stay after transplant up in Ohio. This also calls for huge expenses. I will need somewhere to stay, gas, food etc. I'll even have medical expenses that my insurance won't cover such as my flo meter and other medically necessary things to ensure the transplant is taking correctly. 

This is where fundraising comes into play, to raise this money needed for my new lungs. After I get my new lungs I want to go back to college to become a nurse. I have many dreams that I'm determined to make reality, one mainly being to help people, and change their life in some way. 

I am also going to Kentucky in January to meet with them about being listed with them for the transplant, because they look for lungs in different states than Cleveland does. This is an extra measure I am taking in hopes of getting the transplant before it's to late. I also have to be healthy and not sick at all at the time of the call or I will have to turn it down and hope for another chance for a call, so the sooner I have the money and am healthy the better my chances of surviving this are. Every time I get sick there is more damage to my lungs.

I want to thank everyone who has donated to me and also everyone who is helping me try to raise this money and those who are following my story and sharing my pages online. God bless you all, you are angels on earth - Ashley Campbell

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